Parallelsession – Tom Smits & Arend de Ruiter (

Room 2 | 14:10 – 14:45

Case kijkje in de SEA & SEO keuken

Tom Smits – SEO Manager |

Tom Smits is over 6-years responsible for the SEO-strategy at In the years at he contributed to the transition of a ‘media-store’ to the store it is nowadays with almost everything. currently has over 8,2 mln. customers in NL & BE, 16 mln. products and a billion euros of revenue.

In 2016 Tom spoke at friends of search over the development & role of SEO in the organization. Tom his current responsibility exceeds SEO and he is theme-lead for the topic ‘marketing automation’. In this role project lead for multidisciplinary teams working on online marketing related innovations & improvements which lead to more efficient marketing.Together with his colleague Arend de Ruiter he will tell more about this topic.

Arend de Ruiter – Manager partnerprogramma |

Arend de Ruiter is an experienced marketer working at specialized in paid-search & online marketing automation. He started his career in affiliate marketing, worked at traffic4u and software company bGenius. Working at since 2014 Arend has had various roles in the online marketing department. Currently is Arend responsible for the execution and innovation of the ‘in house’ affiliate marketing department, as well as being the theme-lead marketing online marketing innovation projects who increasing the effectiveness; bidmanagement-automation and attribution.