Rory Truesdale – Conductor – Workshop: Using The SERPs to Know Your Audience

About his workshop ‘Using The SERPs to Know Your Audience’:

It can be easy to get lost in evaluating metrics like monthly search volume, but we often forget that for each query, there is a person with a very specific motivation and need. Rory discussed how we can utilise Google’s algorithmic re-writing of the SERP to help identify those motivations and more effectively optimise for search intent – the SERPs give us amazing insight into what customers want, and we can use that to improve the acquisition, engagement and conversion performance of our campaigns.

Rory Truesdale – SEO Strategist | Conductor

rory truesdaleRory is an SEO strategist at Conductor working on the WeWork account. Rory has experience across technical SEO, content marketing and PR and is passionate about working with organic search data creatively to develop new SEO tactics and insights that can be applied to a broader digital strategy, as well as to improve traditional SEO metrics.