Paid Search Relationships: It’s Complicated

Zaal 2: 13:20 – 13:50

It’s not just about being “on” a search engines anymore to be in “paid search.” The networks between the engines and the partnerships and acquisitions they’re cultivating are leading to a tangled web of competition and visibility. When you use a paid search program, do you really know where your products are showing and in the fast shifting landscape of today, is that where you want to be? Hear how the latest partnerships are affecting paid search budgets, paid search ad types that are changing how we do business, where marketplaces fit in (or don’t) and what you should be thinking about when it comes to e-commerce and paid search.

Elizabeth Marsten | Senior Director of e-Commerce Growth Services – CommerceHub

elizabeth marstenBack in 2006, Elizabeth thought she was entering the exciting world of “paperclip” marketing. A Google search quickly dispelled this notion and she’s been doing “pay-per-click” marketing ever since.

Now the Senior Director of e-Commerce Growth Services at CommerceHub, she leads the team in consulting for retailers and brands on their overall digital marketing efforts, personally specializing in Google, Bing Ads, Facebook, Discovery Shopping Channels like Pinterest and eBay Commerce Network in Seattle, WA. She has 10 years’ experience in growing PPC, SEO, analytics and socials media teams.

Elizabeth has spoken at conferences around the country, including MozCon, PPC Masters, SMX Advanced/East/West, PPC HeroCon, State of Search and Searchfest. She is also a course author and co-author of Wiley Publishing’s “All in One Web Marketing for Dummies.” Elizabeth is honored to be able to share what she’s learned at conferences and in her spare time, she likes to practice Kendo, a Japanese martial art.

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