Masterclass – Jes Scholz (Ringier AG)

Room 3 | 15:45 – 16:20

Masterclass: “The three pillars for the future of social media”

Social media has evolved beyond simply connecting people. They are places we go to be inspired. To discover more about our world. To engage with brands. This had led to development of rich interaction opportunities. In this Master Class we look to the 3 pillars of the social future. How chatbots on messaging apps offer personalised interactions at scale. How visual listening based on image recognition can drive social conversions. How AI automation can save you resources in the battle against algorithms. And most importantly, practical steps you can take to leverage these technologies.

Jes Scholz – International Digital Director Ringier AG

Jes ScholzJes is an Australian born, German resident working across Europe, Africa & Asia, as the Global Digital Director for the largest publishing house in Switzerland. She spends much of her time testing theories on the future of social and search, leading projects in chatbots, image recognition, virtual reality, AI for automation and anything else that can future proof brands.