Man & Machine: The Role Of Search Practitioners Utilizing Technology

Zaal 2: 16:00 - 16:35

With the increased level of complexity in paid search activity, how can a search practitioner best balance their time to generate the most value to their companies? Where and when is automation appropriate, and how can advertisers ensure that human insight still determines the end result? In this session you’ll hear about the ways that you can utilize technology to challenge where search practitioners spend their time and allow them to focus on the tasks that will drive the greatest value.

Ryan Fitzgibbon | Head of DoubleClick Search (EMEA) - Google

ryanfitzgibbonRyan Fitzgibbon is an Oxford Masters graduate in Physics that has been working purely within the paid search space for almost 10 years. Having previously been working within the media agency space, Ryan uses his experience and hands-on approach to drive DoubleClick Search towards technological innovation and the aim of continually improving the performance of their customers' search campaigns. Ryan also believes that through automation of activity, the role of the search practitioner can evolve to providing additional value rather than performing the tasks that machines are better at executing.
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