Alouette Edens – Schiphol

Room 3 | 10:35 – 11:05

Case: How Schiphol uses a DMP to show relevant messages to passengers

What if regular retargeting doesn’t fit your organization? At Schiphol, passengers come and go. This leaves a limited window to reach our passengers. Besides this, Schiphol has multiple commercial services and we don’t want to overwhelm the passengers with different messages. To address this challenge Schiphol used a DMP in combination with an advanced retargeting strategy. In this presentation, Alouette will present the winning DMP case, showcase the implementation and share the pitfalls that you need to take into account when you start working with a DMP.

Alouette Edens – Digital Analyst | Schiphol

Alouette EdensAlouette Edens is a Digital Analyst who started her career in Search Advertising 9 years ago.
Two years ago she started working at Schiphol where it was one of her responsibilities to implement and build cases with a Data Management Platform. Last year as part of a team of eight, four cases were deployed on production. Of which one enabled them to win two Dutch Search Awards, one for Best Search case in Travel and one for Best in-house Team.