Samantha Noble: “Facebook will start using its targeting to show ads on Whatsapp”

Date: 5th January 2018

Samantha Noble: “Facebook will start using its targeting to show ads on Whatsapp”

Samantha Noble is the Founder of Biddable Moments, an Paid Media Consultancy Agency dedicated to helping brands increase their revenue through PPC and audience development. Samantha won the UK Search Personality Award at the UK Search Awards 2016 and was also rated one of the top 25 in PPC Heros ‘Most Influential PPC Experts’ list in 2016 and 2017. Back in 2011, Samantha also founded the Digital Females group which now has in excess of 750 members and has held 16 events to date.

In Februari 2018 she will be speaking about PPC on Friends of Search. In anticipation of that we took the chance to ask her some questions about our field of work. Not only by looking back on past trends but mostly learning about the future of PPC

What is your best case of the past year and why?

I have been working with a range of different brands since starting up Biddable Moments back in June this year. I think one of my favourite case studies is the work that I have done for a big apartment building in London where they are looking to increase the number of long term rentals. The campaigns are running across Facebook and Google and within the first week of going live, they were driving a great number of enquiries for the business which is making a huge difference for them.

What is your message to people within PPC for the upcoming year?

There are still a lot of paid media practitioners who are solely focusing on one platform whether that be Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Working in this space, we need to ensure we understand all the key platforms so we can market to our audiences across the platforms to encourage them down the purchase funnel.

Getting to grips with all the different targeting options and features on these two giant platforms can be challenging but if you want to succeed, you need to find the time to do this and keep your knowledge up to date all the time.

What is going to be the biggest challenge in 2018?

Without a doubt, I think GDPR is going to be one of the biggest challenge for any marketer in 2018.

If you are working in-house you need to make sure that you are fully compliant in all your data collection processes to avoid the fines and if you are agency or consultancy side, you need to make sure you fully understand the implications as your clients will be asking for your advice.

It is going to be interesting to see how the advertising platforms handle this as we move closer to the deadline in the New Year.

In the past year, what have businesses not paid enough attention to?

I still genuinely believe that businesses are not taking full advantage of all the different audience targeting we have available to us. Campaigns are still running with the basic targeting when in reality, we can get super targeted in our approach and talk to groups of likeminded people rather than mass marketing to a whole location.

Which secret do you want to share with the audience to be more successful?

These aren’t so much secrets but things that I think everyone should be looking at as we move into 2018. They are two of my now go to tools for every paid media campaign I setup and manage:

  • The Bing Ads Intelligence tool – this is a free Excel plugin that Bing created which gives you so much insight and ideas for keywords that you want to target. Not only that, it is super-fast and speeds up the time it takes to research keywords
  • Google Data Studio – this is a free reporting tool that Google created last year. Initially it was only limited to five reports but in January this year they opened that up and now you can create as many as you like. This tool saves me so much time each month with reporting and gives clients/in-house management access to a live reporting dashboard which can be fully customised for them

Automation should have an important role in our services, what is your view on the current state and embracement of automation within agencies and clients?

As much as I think there is a need for automation, I am not a huge advocate. With Paid Media, I do think there needs to be a good element of human interaction with campaigns rather than solely relying on automation.

That said I am a huge fan of automation when it can speed up monotonous and laborious tasks that don’t require you to use your brain much.

So in answer to your question, I think there should be a blend of manual and automatic optimisation within PPC.

Where do you think PPC will be in the next five years?

There are a few things I predict will happen:

  • We will continue to see the shift from keyword targeting to audience targeting
  • Google Maps will move away from a semi-free platform and will be fully pay to play
  • Google Images will see more ads appearing for product related search queries
  • The Google SERP will have more ads at the top and bottom of the results
  • Google Shopping Ads will be taking up the entire right hand side column
  • Facebook will start using its targeting to show ads on Whatsapp
  • Platforms with voice activation such as Amazon Echos will start listening in to our conversations and showing us ads related to our needs

There you go, there is a few things I think will happen. Let’s go back in 5 years and see if they come true!

Why should no one miss your presentation at Friends of Search?

As I mentioned above, Audience marketing is still very underutilised. In my talk I am going to share with everyone lots of different audience marketing strategies that they will be able to take inspiration from and apply to their own paid media campaigns when they are back in the office.

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