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Tips for entering the FOS Awards

5th December 2019
With the approaching deadline for submission on December 20, it is important to know what criteria the judges will look for when judging your SEO or PPC (SEA) case. As …Read more

Get ready for the 7th edition of Friends of Search

2nd December 2019
In just a little over two months, the seventh edition of Friends of Search will take place. This event has recurred yearly since 2014. Friends of Search is thé online …Read more

Introducing the 2020 jury of the Friends of Search Awards

27th November 2019
Next year we are introducing the first edition of Friends Of Search in Belgium. But that’s not the only thing new: we will also be awarding the first ever Friends …Read more

Inschrijving Friends of Search Awards gestart

17th October 2019
Dit jaar introduceert Friends of Search iets nieuws: de Friends of Search Awards. Kandidaten kunnen zich vanaf nu aanmelden in de categorieën: Best SEO en Best SEA. Dit biedt iedereen …Read more

Friends of Search congres breidt uit naar België en introduceert awards

26th September 2019
De zevende editie van het door DDMA en IAB Nederland georganiseerde Friends of Search gaat uitbreiden naar België. Het jaarlijkse congres van de Europese search-sector krijgt, in samenwerking met de …Read more

Christopher Gutknecht: ‘Be lazy with manual labour task – use your energy to automate the process’

5th February 2019
Who is Christopher Gutknecht? A happy dad and husband living in Munich who’s been climbing for over 20 years, doing PPC for over 10 years and been writing code for …Read more

Kirsty Hulse: e-commerce in 2030: ‘I think people will still shop “online” through the mechanism will likely change.’

1st February 2019
Kirsty Hulse, one of my personal marketing superhero’s, one of the greatest minds on link management, PR and Outreach. She lets us see that links still matter bigtime and that …Read more

Frederick Vallaeys: ‘We will have self-propelled cars before self-managing ppc accounts’

30th January 2019
Frederick Vallaeys was one the first 500 employees at Google where he spent 10 years building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as a …Read more

Alan Coleman (Wolfgang Digital): “With Google Ads search terms you can literally read minds”

22nd January 2019
Alan Coleman is the founder and CEO of Wolfgang Digital, one of Europe’s leading digital marketing agencies based in Dublin, Ireland. He and his colleague Brendan Almack will talk about …Read more

Search personality Aleyda Solis: “linkbuilding is the most complex aspect of SEO”

18th January 2019
Aleyda Solis, SEO superwoman, you are one of my personal favorites in our field of work. But for sure not only mine! You have been awarded best Search personality 2018; …Read more