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Moving Towards Audiences in a Keyword-Based World - Arianne Donoghue | Digital Marketing Manager -

Unlocking The True Potential of RLSAs with Google Analytics - Tara West | Head of PPC - Etch UK

Tales, Learnings & Tips for Sucessful HTTPs Migrations - Aleyda Solis | International SEO Consultant - Orainti

Paid Search Relationships: It’s Complicated - Elizabeth Marsten | Senior Director of e-Commerce Growth Services - CommerceHub

Personal Branding for Business Success Through People, Not Just Pixels - Mel Carson | Founder and Principal Strategist - Delightful Communications

Measuring a black box. Results from 9 months of split testing. - Dominic Woodman | Consultant - Distilled

Characterising Search: Building Character with Bing Ads - Tor Thompson | EMEA Regional Director - Bing Ads Microsoft

Man & Machine: The Role Of Search Practitioners Utilizing Technology - Ryan Fitzgibbon | Head of DoubleClick Search (EMEA) - Google

Making websites uber-fast - Fili Wiese | SEO Consultant -

Connecting the physical and digital customer journey via a time machineMark Tapper | Digital & eCommerce Manager - Williamson Dickie Europe Ltd. & 
Matthew Phelan | Founder and CEO - 4Ps Marketing

Ryan Fitzgibbon

Tor Thompson

Aleyda Solis

Jono Alderson

Tara West

Dominic Woodman



Friends of Search: het verborgen signaal


Data driven, Machine learning, AI & VR: dit is de toekomst van search


De 5 belangrijkste inzichten van Friends of Search 2017

Friends of Search 2017: Het 'keyword only' tijdperk is nu echt voorbij


Friends of Search 2017: Het 'keyword only' tijdperk is nu echt voorbij


Dit was Friends of Search 2017


SEO verandert: 5 learnings om in 2017 up-to-date te blijven

Karel Geenen Online Marketing:

Friends of Search 2017: waarom data steeds belangrijker wordt! 

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