5 GUAFFFOS for attending Friends of search that will blow your mind!

Date: 20th November 2017

5 GUAFFFOS for attending Friends of search that will blow your mind!

Everybody knows why you should attend specialist conferences. There are tons of reasons but combined they all come down to the same, lame, conventional 5 activators which, with all due respect, aren’t very inspiring…

Although we would like you to attend because we are convinced there isn’t a conference in Europe which provides you the amount of content, inspiration and energy Friends of Search has to offer, it is most likely your reasons will come down to the 5 listed below:

1. To Learn
You want to learn about a topic, product or case. We have worked hard to get the best line-up of top speakers for you.

2. To Network and meet people
You’ll probably want to meet your peers, networking is a very important aspect of our (any) conference so there will be plenty of time to meet other friends of search.

3. To be Inspired
Wow? Seriously? Have you seen the line-up bro?

4. To solicit business
This is just another way that you want to network. But like we said, you’ll get plenty of opportunity for this.

5. Location, location, location
We are in Amsterdam, at a very cool industrial location.

But wait, there’s more awesomeness to come

So, we’ve covered the conventional list. Awesome universal buying reasons instead of unique ones. Let’s make a difference: Let’s call these the Great Unique Attending Factors For Friends Of Search (GUAFFFOS). Think you can handle them? Then do proceed.

1. Drink (beer?) with your search Idols!
Larry Kim, Will Reynolds, Gary Illyes, Purna Virji, Marcus Tober, Michael King… just a few of the speakers who will illuminate us with their talks and decks. But how about their dance moves and social superpowers?.

2. Gifs and kittyslides galore
With great speakers come great decks. No bridge is too far for these superheroes of search in grabbing you by the b#*lls with the most beautiful decks. Friends of Search stands for the minimalization of worded decks and the maximalization of kitty’s and gifs.

3. Hamburgers
Yeah, we’ve got our own hamburgers! They will blow your mind and taste buds!

4. 4D’s → DJ, Dance, Drinks & (searchworld) Domination!
All this networking is great, but aren’t the greatest ideas bornin pubs, bars and cafes? We provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, great music, lights and ambiance for you to convert your newly achieved knowledge into ground-breaking ideas.

5. You!
We’ve got you! You are the main GUAFFFO! If it weren’t for you, there would be no friends in Friends of search! Everything we have done is to commit to our friends. We are all in it together. So what other reasons could you need?

Come on Friend! Buy tickets, you know you want to now!