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Due to your ever evolving work landscape, as an online marketer, it’s essential to stay up to date with the the most important international developments, and be aware of how other companies are using their search-engine marketing and search engine optimization.

At Friends of Search we bring together international search-experts in Amsterdam to share their knowledge with you! This year we are very excited to add the Friends of Search Awards to our programme. There are two categories: Best SEA Case and Best SEO Case. The winners will receive a podium at Friends of Search 2020 in Amsterdam. Here everyone working in the search industry has a unique opportunity to present their best case study on stage at the Kromhouthal.

We’re excited to announce that for the first time, Friends of Search is coming to Brussels.
Visit to see the great speakers in attendance on the 5th of February.


Rik van der Kooi
Rik van der Kooi
Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising
Frederick Vallaeyes
Frederick Vallaeys
Cofounding CEO - Optmyzr
Martin Splitt
Martin Splitt
Developer Advocate - Google
brad geddes
Brad Geddes
Co founder - AdAlysis



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